(This is Halloween plays as the Halloween Town logo is shown)

Sora: Halloween was two months ago.

Goofy: You mean I'm wearing this costume for nothing?

Sora: Costume?

(Opening sequence)

Mayor: Okay people, we're two months behind on our Halloween preparations so please welcome our one and only Jack Skellington!

(Jack Skellington appears)

Mayor: Fantastic! Fantastic!

Sora: Does something about that mayor seem...familiar?

Donald: Like what?

Mayor: DS!

Sora: Nah must be my imagination.

Jack: Thank you! Thank you! I am awesome aren't I? But the heartless are not awesome enough to match my awesomeness. We must make them more awesome to be on par with my level of awesomeness.

Sora: Erm...why are you celebrating Halloween in January?

Goofy: Yeah, what is your entire planet consist of only two people?

Mayor: Yes, two people. That is why these take time. There are only two people running this operation. We never promised you any specific date. Leave us alone and let us do it in peace.

Sora: But Halloween is a specific date.

Mayor: Oh Halloween, right, I thought you meant...never mind what I thought you meant. Time for me to sell some rocks.

Jack: Doctor, I wanted the heartless to be awesome and you only made them great.

Dr. Finkelstein: Well we could improve them by manufacturing an artificial heart.

Jack: Well manufacturing an artificial heart does destroy everything that Disney ever stood for but continue.

Dr. Finkelstein: Well in order to make a heart, we will need arteries, ventricles, muscle and tissue.

Jack: I have a more awesome idea. Instead of using the things we probably should use, why don't we use a pulse, emotion, fear, terror, hope and despair.