Roxas: Hey Marluxia.

Marluxia: Hi Roxas. Oh it is so funny that you would show up right now. I actually had something to ask you. Err Xemnas put me in charge of this fabulous castle 'cause apparently he was tired of me for sneaking into the showers or something I don't know. Anyway, I wanted to ask you if...

Lexaeus: Marluxia you damn fruit cake, why'd you have to put me in the basement? What is that some sort of slave quarters?

Marluxia: Oh you silly billy. I put Zexion down there too.

Lexaeus: God damn ghost! Creepy as hell. I don't want him down here, I'm staying here in the first class area in your God damn work castle!

Marluxia: Lexaeus I think you're over reacting just a little bit okay? Anyway, I hate the smell of fried chicken and I can't have you stealing my watermelons.

Lexaeus: Just 'cause I'm black, doesn't mean I steal things!

Roxas: I'm gonna go now.

Lexaeus and Marluxia: Shut up!

Marluxia: Okay I'll put Vexen down there too if you really want company that badly.

Lexaeus: Aww hell no, not that old b******. I swear to God he's more annoying than Bob Segal when he does what's funny.

Marluxia: Okay okay geez! Oh you're such a grumpy glum.

Lexaeus: If you put Vexen down here, I will rip him to shreds, I'll cut him in half with my tomahawk then I'll rip his head and throw him at Zexion.

Marluxia: That's what I was gonna have Axel do anyway.

Lexaeus: Oh God damn!

Vexen: Hey Lexeaus, what did the black guy say to the white gay guy?

Lexaeus: Oh God he did send you down here!

Vexen: (Laughs)