Vexen: I finally created my machine for clones. I can finally have more people intelligent enough to get my jokes.

(Later that day...)

Vexen: Hey Xigbar!

Xigbar: Yargh?

Vexen: What did the pirate say to the Canadian?

Xigbar: What is it Vexen?

Vexen: You're in the mood for some egg nog? Hee hee hee.

Xigbar: I don't really get it.

Vexen: You know because...egg nog and Canadians know, pirates you know? (Laughs) Oh I'm so smart hee hee heee yay hee yay (laughs). I don't even get it...I'm just kidding yay. (laughs)

Xigbar: VEXEN! IT IS NOT FUNNY! YARGH!!! YARGH!!! (Shoot's Vexen's clones)

Vexen: (Crying) You killed all my clones!