Larxene: Okay, I'm a single girl surrounded by twelve or so single gorgeous men. Lets see who we have to work with.

Vexen: Hi Larxene!

Larxene: Not even close.

Vexen: Hey I have feelings too you know?

Larxene: Lets see who we have here.

Lexaeus: Yeah what's this jive turkey? Out of my face please or I'll make you my b**** but not like the ones I cap at night in yo momma's house.

Larxene: And apparently he can't speak English. Not sexy. Oooo who do we have here?

Axel: Oh ice cream I'll never leave you again!

Larxene: Okay not looking for a three way especially one involving frozen food. Oooo hello cutie.

Roxas: (Sigh) Axel.

Larxene: Aww gay and a little too young. I don't need a mark on my record. Ooo la la!

Xaldin: Gaaaaah!

Larxene: Eww abusive. Never mind.

Narrator: Hours later.

Larxene: Just about every guy who works here throws my gate out of whack.

(Marluxia appears)

Larxene: Just how many women have you been with hot stuff?


Narrator: Disorganization thirteen.