Luxord: Disorganization thirteen promo number five. Xigbar and Luxord.

Xigbar: Yargh! I'm Xigbar, voiced by Williamdorf.

Luxord: And I'm Luxord, voiced by ThegreatPirateKing.

Xigbar: Yargh yargh yargh yargh...yargh...yargh! Hold on a second, we have kings?!

Luxord: Haven't you ever seen the masterpiece that is One Piece?

Xigbar: Yargh! Are you comparing a fictional anime to real life pirates?!

Luxord: Well I don't see why you have a problem with it. I mean it is not like...

Xigbar: Yargh! Look! Pirates do not have kings, we don't wear straw hats, we don't use sling shots, we don't stretch our God damn arms, we don't put are hands everywhere, we don't use three swords, we don't cook, we don't do any of the crap in that show! For God's sake, we kill people unlike the people on that show!

Luxord: Sooo...

Xigbar: Well aside to that, do you want to watch One Piece? I frickin love that show!

Luxord: Anyway, ignore this babbling idiot. Watch Disorgani...

Xigbar: (Singing) We are! We are on the cruise! Yargh continue.

Luxord: Watch Disorgan...

Xigbar: We are! Go watch Disorganization thirteen.