Larxene: Disorganization thirteen promo number four. Larxene and Marluxia. (Kissy sounds) Mar Mar darling!

Marluxia: Lar Lar!

Larxene: Marluxia sweetie, tell me something. Did you take my shoes?

Marluxia: How could you ever accuse me of such thing?

Larxene: I know when you're lying to me. My menellos were stretched out and covered in grass stains.

Marluxia: Oh Larxene, that proves nothing. I saw Zexion checking out your sling backs just yesterday.

Larxene: I also know you borrowed my best halter top because it was covered in pink hair.

Marluxia: Oh look at that, out of time.

Larxene: Hey what about my...

Marluxia: Hot pockets!!