Xemnas: Disorganization thirteen promo number three. Xemnas...

Saix: ...and Saix!

Xemnas: God damnit...Now I know a lot of you have been asking the same question over and over again. Why are you ditching your old Organization videos? Well I spoken to Antfish about this and he's told me no. He's not ditching his old Organization videos...and he also said something know he's only a part of it, he's not the boss, he's just playing the boss. I didn't really pay attention, he just raveled on.

Saix: That's absolutely right sir.

Xemnas: Saix you're back from getting my coffee from Starbucks. That was all the way across town. That is just left five minutes ago. Erm how'd you get back so fast?

Saix: Heh heh it's the darkness.

Xemnas: Right so anyway, make sure to check out Disorganization Thirteen at

Saix: Also check out Beet the Vandal Buster the Abridged Series too.

Xemnas: Saix what have I told you about shameless promoting?

Saix: Not to do it?

Xemnas: Exactly.

Saix: (Very fast) Watch Beet the Vandal Buster the Abridged Series.

Xemnas: DAMNIT SAIX!!!