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Sora is a 15 year old boy and the master of the Keyblade in the game series Kingdom Hearts. Many different Kingdom Hearts Abridged have been made and Sora is usually in them, this article shows the different Kingdom Hearts Abridged Sora's.

Kingdom Hearts Abridged Edit

Sora stars as the main character and is voiced by Shuyin104. He travels around in then Gummi Ship, when hes not eating it with Donald Duck and Goofy. Throughout the series, Sora often has little knowledge of what's going on around him, and often has to be filled in by surrounding characters. He becomes easily frustrated and has a very short attention span, leading him to say random and irrelevant things, which normaly result in him being slapped or punched. Frequently used quotes include: "That makes perfect sense (!)" and more frequently "God Damnit!". In the most recent episode Sora has been shown to be violent when it comes to people singing at him such as Oogie Boogie.

Sora also has a deep, passionate hatred of "The Weapon Store", which he thinks he destroyed in episode 11. It, however, might have been the identical child orphanage right next door.

Sora(as said by paragraph 1) is always being slapped or punched. He has been slapped by: Kairi, Riku, even Goofy. So far, the harshest has been by Kairi, who slapped him into the ocean becuse he wanted to buy a "rock";he did in the next epidode. Sora, however, got his fair share of slaps; he slapped Goofy(who flew for miles) for singing. He also slapped Jiminy Cricket twice, killing him.

Sora was also shown to be a little homosexual. When he was eight, he said he and Riku would be a couple. Also, he wanted to hold Riku's hand. He called Riku his "zora princess", and told "The Darkness" that he was in love with Riku, but hastily changed his answer to Kairi.

Disorganization XIII Edit

Sora appears in Disorganization XIII voiced by CanadianJutsu, he is a side character in episode 4. He gets easily upset expecially when the Organization lie to him saying that they kidnapped his friend Kairi to trick him into coming to their castle so they can throw him a surprise party. When they do this Sora loses his temper fully and storms on there Headquarters and attacks and injures Xaldin and then he causes an explosion which blows up Axel.