Shuyin104 (Scott - Born 15/5/92) is the creator and editor of Kingdom Hearts Abridged on Youtube along with his close friend Aurron225. He voices many characters in the series such as Sora, Donald Duck and Ansem. He is Northern Irish, but is often confused for being from America due to his accent. Along with the abridged series he has made and uploaded several AMV's, which were accepted with mixed reviews. Although Shuyin104 enjoy's making the series, he is often questioned as to the release of the next one, his recent video "STOP F*CKING ASKING!" on youtube, revealed his annoyance for people who continue to ask for the next episode. He stated in an interview with Animebolt : "We aim to make about one episode a month."

Shuyin104 is currently studying A-Levels in Psychology, Spanish, French and English Literature. "I first got into Psychology after playing Silent Hill 2 when I was 12" he said in his tagged video, "And I hope to go on and continue studying it in university." He has also stated that he prefers the Spanish language to English and also hopes to study it alongside Psychology In Lancashire University in October 2010.