Test Number One

This test is Roxas' and Riku has to fight and beat him in a duel.

Test Number Two

All Riku does for this test is answer Larxenes question 'Does my ass look big in this'

Test Number Three

He has too make 'Sweet Love' to Marluxia but since he already did that to get the robe, he just passes.

Test Number Four

Luxord does a card trick and if Luxord guesses right, he wins but he fails to find Riku's card so he passes

Test Number Five

Riku has to jam with Demyx to pass which he does and passes.

Test Number Six

He has to have a staring contest with Axel but Riku wins and passe. Xemnas yells 'GOD DAMMIT AXEL' when Axel failed

Test Number Seven

This test is short and not even a test. Saix says he is the most Yaoi character to Master Xemnas and Marluxia is a close second and that Marluxia makes the Yaoi

Test Number Eight

Riku has to slit his wrists and write poetry which he already does. He has to sit with Zexion in his emo corner which he does and passes.

Test Number Nine

Lexaeus test is another non test. He says Damn White People and Riku assumes thats a pass.

Test Number Ten

Riku has to be Vexens bestest bestest bestest friend in the whole entire world which he says he is so he passes

Test Number Eleven

He has to run across the pit of fire and dodging the fire scorpions while getting the goblet of ice and playing the guitar solo from Through the Fire and the Flames by Dragonforce and he says he get him a cup of coffee but Xaldin lets him pass without doing it all

Test Number Twelve

Xigbars test consists of Riku dodging his Bullets of a 1000 deaths, which he manages to do becuase he misses.

Test Number Thirteen

The final test is he has to wear the blindfold and has to stand on the roof and take three steps forward and jump forward, which is basically jumping off the roof.

He fails to pass this test and they fail to do it. He is never seen again after this.