The second episode of the series and it was released on 29 June 2008. It is based on Sora's time in Destiny Island.

Synopsis Edit

It begins with Sora being woken by Kairi from his dream in the Awakening. Sora feels like he has a massive hangover and he is unsure that it is real life until he sees that Kairi is fully dressed (sort of)

Kairi and Sora see Riku and calls her Yuna and then they decide to run from her but she catches them up even wirth her short legs. They then talk about what to do with Kairi and talk about her homeworld. How it could be a Jungle or a Desert and then Riku says that Destiny Island looks like the Save from Final Fantasy X. They also talk about how its like Disney and Final Fantasy and then how Hades and Cloud could work together. After the break its an advert about Rocks and how all you can find nowadays is DS. Then, they talk about how Riku is just selotaped some logs together and how would it last in space.


Transcript for KHAbridged Episode 2