The first episode of the Series and a Pilot Episode


It begans in the Awakening with Sora falling from a height questioning why his voice seems to be like a 10 year old girl, it cuts to the Opening Sequence and Sora lands on Snow White and the voices talk to Sora telling him not to be a afraid and asks him to walk forward. It cuts to the choosing of Soras weapon which he believes to be a weapon store; Mickey Mouse Head (Shield), Stick (Staff) and the Sharpest Weapon you will ever see in this game. After choosing the rocks holding the weapons fall and he comments on how most weapon stores dont do this. The floor collapses and you get a psydo interactive choice;

a) Land on another Disney Character

b) Land on Snow White again

c) A Pony?

d) Fight Sephiroth

After a short break, it chooses D and a clip of Sephiroth comes up, but the narrator lies and Sora lands on Belle. Belle platform has the Squirrels and he has to fight thembut after Sora puts on his glasses he is taken to the islands with Wakka, Tidus and Selphie but this is shortlived as after that Sora meets Darkside and its throws a punch at him but he jumps back and calls that its the 'Worst Weapon Store Ever'.

Voice acting in this episodeEdit

Shuyin Voices Sora
Aurron Voices the Narrator


Transcript for KHAbridged Episode 1