Kingdom Hearts Abridged made by "Shuyin104" and "Aurron225" and hosted on Youtube. It is based around the first Kingdom Hearts. They began making there abridged series after finishing to pass the time and have some fun after studying for there GCSE's. Episodes are set to come out once a month if its possible for them to do with being busy. In 2014, Aurron225 gave "47D" the approval to do a Remake of his series. It has a Remade opening & a brand New ending song. since episode 1,2,11, & 12 are lost, 47D Remade those 4 missing episoes but kept episodes 3 to 10 in it's original version. ( except for the Opeing & Ending ) after episode 10, 47D will continue the Series until the end of the first game. 

The voices are split up and voiced by both Aurron and Shuyin.

Shuyin voices Sora, Malificent,Ansem and Donald Duck, Daisy Duck, The Queen Of Hearts, Alice, Pinocchio, Oogie Boogie, Jasmine, Tarzan, Jane, Cloud and Leon, Jack Skellington, Lock and Barrel.

Aurron voices Riku, Goofy and the Narrator, he also voices Aladdin, Clayton, Hades, Yuffie, Kairi, White Rabbit, Sora's Mother, Darkside, Mayor of Halloween Town, Jafar, Hercules, Phil and the Doorknob.

The story is based on Sora, Donald and Goofy traveling to all the different worlds on there Gummi Ship. While on these worlds they meet various characters usually based around a sterotype or running joke.

Following Series Edit

After completing the first Kingdom Hearts Abridged series there will be a series but It may not be complete and could be shot as a oneshot series. As quoted by Shuyin "We're struggling to find the time, we're doubtful that an entire series will be made of KH2 but we're hoping to maybe do a one shot or something at least".

Trivia Edit

  • Shuyins Favourite Episode is 8, the comment special.
  • Shuyins Favourite Line is "Wait, wasn't I looking for you- AH DAMNIT!" from episode 8 or "Best friends?" "Don't touch me."' from Episode 10.
  • His favourite line to record is from Episode Cloud's outburst about his Buster Sword being covered in tape from episode 6.