Disorganization XIII is a fan based parody based on Organization XIII that is hosted on Youtube. So far, there are four episodes, four shorts and six promo episodes. It is unknown if any more episodes will be made but the creator said that the series is not ending.

Each Organization member is voiced by a different person and they each have they're own stereotype and personality, for example Zexion is a stereotypical emo. The series is about random and humerous discussions and arguments between the members. They have each given themselves nicknames as shown in episode 2.


Xemnas - Antfish

Xigbar - Will of D

Xaldin - SamuraiKH2

Vexen - DeathnoteL12

Lexaeus - Takahata101

Saïx - xbeetxabridgedx

Axel - MasterWGS

Demyx - llcj20

Luxord - ThegreatPirateKing

Marluxia - Touketsu

Larxene - FrickNinja

Roxas - ElementMaster911

Narrator - Decimator71

Special Guests Edit

DiZ - BossTrigger

Riku - Aetas800

Xion - Nowacking

Sora - CanadianJutsu

Nicknames Edit

During episode 2, the Organization Members give each other a nickname.

Xemnas - Carlos Mencia

He gets this name due to how he steals things and takes them as his own.

Xigbar - Long John Suckass

This nickname is due to Xigbar acting like a stereotypical pirate. Its a play on words from the famous pirate Long John Silver from Treasure Island.

Xaldin - The Jamacian Terror

Xigbar nickname comes from the fact that he looks Jamacian with his long dreadlocks.

'Vexen - Genice

Vexens nickname is a play on words between Genius and Ice.

Lexaeus - Lexington Steele

Lexaeus claims he got this nickname due to his huge d***.

Zexion - My Avenged Chemical Tokyo Harfold Hotel Sevenfold Romance

Zexion got this name because its all the name of lots of emo rockbands.

Saix - Moonpie

Saix called himself this because his element is the moon and he really likes pie. Its also based on the treat called Moonpies.

Axel - Flamer

Axel got his nickname because his element is fire.

Demyx - Sitar Hero

Demyxs Nickname is a play on the popular game series Guitar Hero and how he plays the Guitar.

Luxord - The Aleatory Redcoat

Aleatory comes from the latin word to shake dice and redcoats are people who serve in the army.

Marluxia - Harrison Ford

Marluxia named himself after his favourite actor Harrison Ford.

Larxene - Super Bitch

She gets this name because thats how she acts.

Roxas - Noobcake

Roxas is called Noobcake due to him being the newest member of the Organization.